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All you need to know about the tutorials library.
Posted on Wed, Jan 27 2010

In this section, you can look forward to all the help you need to get started using your website. Please make sure you read this first for important information!

Downloading the Video Tutorials CD

Each tutorial is a large collection of files, about 30 MB on average. Hence, if your PC is not connected to the Internet via a high speed broadband connection, such as DSL or cable-modem, you may experience poor tutorial video playback.

If you are having troubles viewing the video tutorials streaming online, you can download the video tutorials CD, to watch on your local computer. We have 2 options:

Publishing webpages.
Easy, point & click, drag & drop, webpage publishing.
Posted on Wed, Jan 27 2010

This tutorial instructs on how to create a new webpage and update existing webpages. It also has preliminary introduction to linking webpages and file management.

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Hyperlinking your web pages.
Spinning a web of information.
Posted on Wed, Jan 27 2010

This tutorial instructs you on how to create hyperlinks, or website links. Website links allow you to link all your webpages together so visitors can navigate in a logical manner to the next information, webpage content on your website. 

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Navigation menu bars and webblogs.

Introduction to basic content management.

Posted on Wed, Jan 27 2010

Weblogs have become very popular ways to publish website information. This tutorial instructs you on how to create webblogs and navigation menu bars on your website. 

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Using the File Manager.
Learn the easy way to manage your file media file assets.
Posted on Wed, Jan 27 2010

This tutorial instructs on using the File Manager. The File Manager is the tool for managing all your media files, including web page documents, images, audio & video assets, pdfs and other documents. Using the File Manager, you can upload new documents to your website, resize images, move and rename documents and so on. 

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Broadcasting email annoucements.
Effective email marketing and corporate communications!
Posted on Wed, Jan 27 2010

Learn how to setup electronic newsletter subscription mailing lists, and easy email broadcasting. Put the power of responsible email messaging to work for your website, and build your business the right way.

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